Harmless Vid Poured Out Massive Grace On The Hottest Mic At Radio Waa

I'm Perfectly Fine If I Don't Win The UWMA Best Rapper Of The Year Award Next Year

Harmless Vid
Harmless Vid Poured Out Massive Grace On The Hottest Mic At Radio Waa

Harmless Vid, a prolific Ghanaian rapper from the Upper West Region, specifically Jirapa got the cool chance to be a special guest on Radio Waa’s Hottest Mic. This awesome entertainment show gives talented folks a platform to talk about different stuff and share their personal journeys.

The show kicked off with Harmless Vid’s mind-blowing freestyle rap, setting the stage for an exciting and lively conversation. Throughout the program, they talked about a bunch of things, like Harmless Vid’s experiences, the rumors about him being an “unknown rapper,” his achievements, his relationships with other artists in the Upper West region, and his collaboration with Sambwoy, an artist from Wa.

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One interesting thing that came up was how Harmless Vid was initially called an “unknown rapper” even after winning the prestigious Best Rapper of the Year award in the Upper West region. But Harmless Vid prefers being called an “unpopular rapper” because that category recognized his skills as the best rapper, not necessarily the most popular one.

Harmless Vid
I’m Perfectly Fine If I Don’t Win The UWMA Best Rapper Of The Year Award Next Year

Speaking of achievements, Harmless Vid proudly shared that he won four awards in just two years. He got the Upper West Best Rapper of the Year award twice, won the prize for being part of Best Collaboration Song of the Year, and even received an award with a citation from the Dagaba Culture initiative. Pretty impressive, right?

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When it comes to his relationships with fellow artists in the region, Harmless Vid said he doesn’t have any close friendships at the moment. He sees his fellow artists more as colleagues in the industry than personal pals. However, he did mention having meaningful conversations with Sambwoy and sometimes chatting with Best Gally. Oh, and he enjoys cracking jokes and having a good time with Sypha too.

Harmless Vid also expressed his sincere gratitude to Sambwoy for collaborating on the song “The Grace.” He believes this collaboration is opening up new opportunities for him, and he really admires Sambwoy’s amazing talent and punctuality. It’s always inspiring to see colleagues supporting and lifting each other up.

Overall, the program proved to be an exciting and insightful conversation. We would love to hear your thoughts on Harmless Vid’s discussions!

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