I Can Fill The O2 Arena With The Right Investment | Samini

I Can Fill The O2 Arena Alone, Samini

I Can Fill The O2 Arena With The Right Investment, Samini
I Can Fill The O2 Arena With The Right Investment | Samini

Renowned Ghanaian dancehall artist, Samini, graced the set of “TheDayShow” on TV3 for an engaging conversation that delved into various aspects of his life. During the interview, Samini discussed his political stance, his educational journey at GIMPA, and his tenure as an SRC president. However, the highlight of the conversation revolved around his unwavering confidence in filling the O2 Arena with his music.”

When asked about the discrepancy in music trends between Ghana and Nigeria, Samini shared an insightful perspective. He pointed out that the difference in population sizes greatly influences these trends. Comparing the ability to get one million subscribers for a project between the two countries, he emphasized that Nigeria, with its larger population, had a distinct advantage in reaching such a target.

Berla, the show’s host, inquired about why Nigerian artists often find success by adapting Ghanaian elements like “Odo” and “Azonto” while Ghanaian artists struggle to make waves with theirs. Samini’s response was pragmatic. He explained that artistic usage of such staff is normal, citing instances where Ghanaians have embraced Nigerian expressions like “Omo” and “Abi.” According to him, this mutual influence is simply a part of the dynamic West African music scene.

I Can Fill The O2 Arena Alone, Samini

To the big story, talking about filling the O2 Arena Samini claims he can fill the O2 Arena alone when Berla said, some other people suggested headlining Samini, Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, and Shatta Wale and they will fill it and left people outside. Samini instantly makes it clear that he can fill the Arena alone with the right investment. He added that Ghanaian investors often failed to support such ambitious projects, making it clear that he would not invest his personal funds in such events.

I Can Fill The O2 Arena With The Right Investment | Samini

In essence, Samini on “TheDayShow” showcased his ability to fill the O2 Arena in London and leave a mark on the global music stage, affirming that with the proper investment, he could conquer the O2 Arena on his own terms.

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