Sambwoy Unveils Title Of New Album

Ghanaian Artist Sambwoy, Unveils Title Of New Album

Sambwoy Unveils Title Of New Album
Sambwoy Unveils Title Of New Album

Sambwoy Announced The Coming Of The Tiehisung Album

Renowned Ghanaian artist, Sambwoy, has graciously introduced us to the intriguing title and captivating cover art of his upcoming studio album, “Tiehisung,” which means (Good Intentions).” The announcement came shortly after the release of his recent song “Faasey Allah“.

Hailing from the Upper West region, the singer took it upon himself as he announced the coming of the Tiehisung album. This announcement set the internet abuzz, igniting a wave of anticipation among fans who are eagerly counting down to the launch of Sambwoy’s much-awaited studio creation.

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Ghanaian Artist Sambwoy, Unveils Title Of New Album

Sambwoy wrote this under the album art which he posted on Facebook.

Angaa-mini wasn’t the beginning but it was what announced and proclaimed that what God cannot do doesn’t exist. That a whole region could answer a humble boy from Mangu. A star was indeed on the horizons.

Now is time to open a new chapter as we ride on the powers that be unto even bigger and greater things. Unveiling a New Chapter as we Introduce ‘Tiehisung Album’ My musical journey continues with a heart full of good intentions and melodies that will resonate and take you to only good places.

Get ready to embark on a soulful ride as I pour my passion into every track. Stay tuned for the harmonious tales that await.

Source Facebook
Sambwoy Unveils Title Of New Album

Sambwoy’s reputation for consistently delivering one hit after another, crafting songs that swiftly become fan favorites, precedes him. As the album’s name suggests, “Good Intentions,” it’s safe to anticipate a collection of tracks that will resonate in a profoundly positive manner, leaving a lasting impact.

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