Social Media User Rated Ataaka’s (N2DW) Concert Which Goes Viral

North 2 De World Concert

Social Media User Rated Ataaka's (NTTW) Concert Which Goes Viral
Social Media User Rated Ataaka’s (N2DW) Concert Which Goes Viral

A northern-based Ghanaian social media influencer “Bhola Press Media” rated Ataaka’s North 2 De World concert on a scale of one to ten. The popular influencer has taken to his Facebook page a whole lot of writeup, indicating various sections of the concert which he rated.

Below is the writeup that he posted today the 25th of February about an hour ago:

“Summary Of The North 2 De World Concert By Ghanaian Rapper Ataaka Happened Last Night, At Tamale’s Sports Stadium.

First of all, congratulations to Ataaka as he held a triumphant show amid so many wrongs that need to be rectified moving forward since his first time staging such a magnificent concert.

Had to begin by taking a look at production-wise. It was one of the most boring shows ever because of their poor sound and a worse DJ. Hence, communication was terrible in the program. Lightning was average. I rate it 4/10. The show ended up very late as usual.

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Supporting artists was too much to a point, people came to the show because the main artist left earlier before. There were so many needless supporting artists, especially the upcoming ones. From the senior artists including the upcoming, 5/10 is placed in that aspect.

Poor Security. As a result, there was no sanity on the stage owed to inexperienced security, in addition, the whole event was unenjoyable because the VIP section people felt unsafe. So, I rate it 3/10.

To talk about Media, I mean how they carried themselves out there, it was bad. The appearance of the media in the show was so disgraceful. There were no even tags or identification for media coverage. These made the media guys go through suffering to be a facet of the concert, 4/10.

Upcoming Artists and Senior ones mixed. I mean, mixing the Upcoming musicians with the billed artists was a big mistake from the production team. Most performances simply ticked off the fans. Imagine, Shatta Wale coming down on a stage before Hudu Zomsalah and then climbing to perform. Isn’t this look disrespectful to Shatta’s brand?

Social Media User Rated Ataaka's (N2DW) Concert Which Goes Viral
Social Media User Rated Ataaka’s (N2DW) Concert Which Goes Viral

MCs of the program, when it comes to timing, the show was so poor and unhappy. Production could have drawn their attention to be mindful. This is the first time Ataaka has staged a concert at Sports Stadium. But, he could have looked for experts to take charge of certain things.

Like I mentioned earlier, about protection. At the event, inadequate security made the guests feel awkward and had to take off before their time. Aside from that, there were so many needless cameramen blocking the sights of the fans and getting them provoked most times.

Attendance was massive. Ataaka and the team have done so well and need to be applauded. The title given to the concert was indeed “North 2 De World”. That was huge, I mean so huge to the North last night. Therefore, I rate it 10/10.

Main Artist Entrance. Ataaka has done well by using the horse and smock. He displayed the Northern culture to the world through this concert. His performance-wise, there was so much expected energy. I rate him 8/10 despite his sound.

Kindly congratulate him and your message in the comments section. What are your thoughts about the North 2da World concert?”

What is your thought about his rating, let me know in the comments section.

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