Ataaka | North To The World (Full Album)

DOWNLOAD: Ataaka | North To The World (Full Album)

Ataaka - North To The World (Full Album)_
Ataaka | North To The World (Full Album)

Get the mp3 Audio of Ataaka latest Album “North To The World (Full Album)” now available for download

Ataaka, a sensational Northern-based Ghanaian prolific rapper has set the music airwaves blazing with his mastered studio album called “North To The World“. Download this 15-solid song album fully from and boost your playlist with it.

The album features 9 individuals from the North adding up their voices to solidify and add some taste to it and also make a complete story. Artists on the album in could: Kawastone, Double Tee, David Maestro, Bakilla, Burna Razzy, Abu Sadiq, Sapashini, IsRahim, and One Nira.

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Ataaka | North To The World (Full Album) Tracklist Below

  1. Ataaka – Higher ft. Kawastone
  2. Ataaka – Sugar Daddy ft. Double Tee
  3. Ataaka – Bend Down Low
  4. Ataaka – Pagsara
  5. Ataaka – Nkiru
  6. Ataaka – Sika Yede
  7. Ataaka – Bounce
  8. Ataaka – Dagbon
  9. Ataaka – Need Ur Love ft David Maestro
  10. Ataaka – Finally ft Bakilla
  11. Ataaka – Saha ft Burna Razzy
  12. Ataaka – Tamda ft Abu Sadiq
  13. Ataaka – Ndataa ft Sapashini
  14. Ataaka – Formular ft IsRahim
  15. Ataaka – North To The World ft One Nira

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