UMA 2024 | Upper West Music Awards Grand Launch Ceremony

READ: UMA 2024 | Upper West Music Awards Grand Launch Ceremony

UMA 2024 Upper West Music Awards Grand Launch Ceremony_
UMA 2024 | Upper West Music Awards Grand Launch Ceremony

Grand Launch of the Upper West Music Awards on September 30, 2023, Upper West Region, Ghana.
In a glittering ceremony that brought together music enthusiasts, artists, and dignitaries from across the Upper West Region, the inaugural Upper West Music Awards (UMA) was successfully launched at the prestigious Studios of Radio waa 92.1 MHz in the heart of the region’s capital, WA.
The event promised a day of glamour, entertainment, and celebration of the region’s rich musical talent, and it certainly delivered on its promise. The theme for the 2024 edition of the Upper West Music Awards is dubbed ‘’Our Music, Our Culture.’’

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The Chairman for the launch, Mr. Muniru Ibrahim, the manager of Radio Mak, opened the ceremony with a heartfelt and inspiring speech. He emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating the immense talent that exists in the Upper West Region’s music industry. Mr. IB said, “Today marks a historic moment in our region’s cultural and musical journey. We are here once again to celebrate the voices, rhythms, and melodies born and nurtured right here in our beloved Upper West Region. Our music is not just entertainment; it’s a reflection of our identity, our stories, our culture, and our dreams.”
He continued, “Through the Upper West Music Awards, we aim to provide a platform for our talented artists to shine on a national and international stage. This is not just an awards ceremony; it’s a celebration of the creative spirit that defines us. I want to thank the organizing committee, sponsors, and everyone who has contributed to making this dream a reality.”

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Following Mr. Muniru Ibrahim’s rousing speech, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Upper West Music Awards, Mr. Khalid Ganiu aka Fashion King, CEO of Fashion House addressed the audience on air after taking them through the process of filing for nomination. He enthusiastically shared his excitement for the event and the immense efforts put in by the organizing team. “We have spent countless hours making UMA a memorable experience for all of you,” he said. “Our region has been a hotbed of talent for far too long, and it’s high time we bring that talent to the forefront.”

UMA 2024 Launch Ceremony_
UMA 2024 | Upper West Music Awards Grand Launch Ceremony

Fashion King also emphasized the importance of unity within the music community. “Let us remember that, while we celebrate individual achievements, we are all part of a larger family – the Upper West music family. Together, we can elevate our region’s music industry to new heights. Let’s support each other, collaborate, and make beautiful music that resonates not just here but far beyond our borders.”

The launch ceremony set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable night at the Upper West Music Awards. With a line-up of electrifying performances by Harmless Vid, the reigning best rapper of UMA2023, and CD Daddy a veteran Hip Hop Rapper, well-deserved awards, and the celebration of the region’s unique musical heritage, it’s clear that the Upper West Region is on the verge of a musical renaissance. The UMA organizing committee has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the awards ceremony truly shines a spotlight on the region’s exceptional musical talent.
The scheme has added Two (2) new categories to the already existing 30 categories, Student Act of the Year, and Unsung Act of the Year. However, Afrobeat is now Afro-Fusion and female vocalists and male vocalists are now merged as vocalists of the year.

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Upper Music Awards 2024 categories_

To file nominations, visit the website, to either download the form or file online. The awards night is slated to be in January 2024 with the unveiling of nominees and voting to be communicated soon.
As the moment unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the announcement of the nominees and the commencement of voting for the various categories. Stay tuned for more updates on the Upper West Music Awards, as we celebrate the best of Upper West’s music scene.
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