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Upper West Music Awards (UMA)_
Theme for UMA 2024

Our Music, Our Culture: The Relevance of Music in Sustaining Our Culture

Music is a universal language that transcends borders, connecting people from diverse backgrounds through its enchanting melodies and rhythms. In the Upper West region of Ghana, this universal art form plays a pivotal role in preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the area. The Upper West Music Awards (UMA) recognizes and celebrates the significance of music in sustaining the culture of this vibrant region.


Music has long been considered a cultural ambassador, bridging the gap between different generations and conveying the values and traditions of a society. In the Upper West region, music has served as a powerful means of passing down the region’s history, myths, and legends from one generation to the next. It encapsulates the stories of its people, their struggles, joys, and aspirations, making it an invaluable medium for cultural preservation.

Theme for UMA2024_
Theme for UMA 2024

One of the primary ways in which music sustains culture is by preserving traditional wisdom. Through songs and rhythms passed down through the ages, the Upper West region has maintained its oral tradition, ensuring that ancient wisdom is not lost in the face of modernization. Griots, or traditional storytellers, use music to narrate historical events, praise local heroes, and teach important life lessons, thereby connecting the younger generation with their roots.

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In a world where globalization threatens to homogenize cultures, music serves as a powerful tool for maintaining a sense of identity. The diverse musical genres of the Upper West region, such as Dagaari, Sissali, and Waali, each carry unique characteristics and narratives that define the cultural identity of the people. These genres of music not only celebrate the region’s distinctiveness but also foster a sense of pride and belonging among its residents.


Music has an extraordinary ability to unite people and strengthen social bonds. The traditional drumming and dance ensembles, such as the “Gyile,” “Gansi,” “Gonje” and “Bala,” not only provide entertainment but also bring communities together during various festivals and gatherings. These communal music and dance forms promote cooperation, solidarity, and a sense of community, contributing to the region’s social cohesion.


The music industry in the Upper West region has evolved from being solely a cultural preservation tool to a potential source of economic empowerment. Talented musicians from the area now have opportunities to showcase their skills on a broader stage, leading to increased recognition and income. Additionally, the UMA itself has become an avenue for artists to gain exposure and financial support, thereby contributing to the region’s economic growth.


Music is not only a medium of entertainment but also a valuable educational tool. Through music, children in the Upper West region learn about their cultural heritage, traditional values, and historical events. Schools and educational institutions recognize the importance of music in the curriculum, ensuring that future generations remain connected to their culture through this expressive art form.

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In the end, The Upper West Music Awards (UMA) is not just a celebration of musical talent but a recognition of the profound role that music plays in sustaining the culture of this remarkable region. Through preserving traditional wisdom, fostering a sense of identity, promoting social cohesion, and offering economic opportunities, music continues to be a driving force in the Upper West’s cultural preservation efforts. As we embrace the UMA, let us remember that our music is our culture, and it is through this art form that we pass down the rich tapestry of our heritage to the generations yet to come.

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